The hidden massacre
MK77 the new napalm: polysterene-like gel and 63 gallons of missile propellant higly incendiary.
Napalm is a naphtenic and palmitic acid by-product (it can also been found in coconuts), to which alluminum salts used to form a highly inflammable gel are added. It is used to create bombs, mines and flamethrower fuel. The preparation dates back to II World War and the name comes from the initials of the 2 main components: "NA"phtenic and "PA"lmitic.
MK77 is napalm modern evolution defined as "low environment impact" but with the same ability to kill people. At the moment of the explosion a plastic jelly forms, it can reach very high temperatures and it attaches on people who have been stroken. The new napalm version contains some white phosphorus to increase corrosive effect on victims.
The response by the British Defense Ministry to Alice Mahon, former labourist MP.
English MP Alice Mahon, Labour Party, had submitted numerous requests to the British Defense Ministry, asking if United States had actually used napalm or other chemical agents in Iraq. The ministry always denied until June 13, 2005 when, in typical English style, apologizes officialy for having declared falsehood and it admits the use of MK77, the arson explosive that has the same effects of Napalm. Alice Mahon leaves the Parliament because she does not want to be part of a coalition that hides war crimes.
[Documents of British Defense Ministry]
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