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Fear for wave of bad weather across northern Italy. "I still have a cold", says the Pope

Il notiziario di RaiNews24 in lingua inglese, l'edizione del 28 febbraio 2024

A wave of bad weather is sweeping across northern Italy creating fears of heavy hydro-geological consequences. Red alert in Veneto. "I still have a cold:" the Pope explained at the general audience, so his catechesis was read by a staffer. After he went to the Gemelli Hospital for a medical check-up and then returned to the Vatican. A tragedy avoided near Potenza when a busload of 40 students ran off the road. Sara Buratin's homicide. The 41-year-old woman was found dead in her mother's garden. Police are searching for her companion. Soccer. Serie A. Today Sassuolo plays Napoli , and Inter faces Atalanta. Inzaghi's team is aiming for a victory that would bring them to +12 points over Juventus.