March 6 edition

Regional elections in Abruzzo next Sunday. Pope Francis still not well enough

Today’s Italian news in English

Prime Minister Meloni and PD  leader Schlein have spoken out on the affair of abusive access to the information system of the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor's Office. Regional elections in Abruzzo next Sunday. Crucial statements made by Mattarella: 'The president is not a sovereign, when I enact a law I'm doing my duty, I don't have to agree or disagree with it“. Pope Francis was still not well enough to read at today's papal audience and had an aide do it. Green light for registration in the municipality of children with two mothers: the civil court in Padua has dismissed the more than 30 appeals. The demand for graduates is on the rise, but  companies are struggling to find professionals  with the right skills. Italy is the worst  in terms of performance on sustainable rail mobility. Sports. Europe league: today Atalanta will face Sporting, while Lazio was defeated by Bayern and with it the dream of making it to the quarterfinals of Champions League.