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80 years ago the discovery of the Fosse Ardeatine. Dengue alert in Italy. Location of "Mare fuori"

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Underway in Bruxelles  the second day of the European Council. Discussion on the Ukraine-Russia conflict and options for a cease-fire in Palestine. Investigation continues on the case raised by the initiation of procedures to ascertain whether the Municipality of Bari should be dissolved for mafia infiltration.

80 years ago the discovery of the Fosse Ardeatine. After the massacre of Via Rasella in Rome, the German reprisal. 335 common criminals, political prisoners, Jews and several Italian servicemen were slaughtered in cold blood. Dengue alert in Italy. In order to prevent the virus from spreading to our country, the Ministry of Health has taken preventive action by strengthening controls. Today is World Water Day, established in 1992 by the United Nations. Italy lost 42 percent of water from distribution networks in 2022, compared to the 23 percent of the European Union. This Saturday and Sunday, Fai's spring days. In Naples one can visit the Navy Headquarters, famous because it is the location of the " Mare Fuori",  television series. Italy beats  Venezuela 2-1  in the first of Spalletti's two national friendly matches in the United States.