Meloni in Lebanon, government freezes bonuses, antiquarium at Villa Albani opens to the public

Il notiziario di RaiNews24 in lingua inglese, l'edizione del 27 marzo 2024

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in Lebanon on an official visit where she will meet with Prime Minister Najib Miqat.

After the stop on the construction superbonus, which created holes in the public accounts, the government has decided to freeze all forms of bonuses and building concessions that directly provide a discount on the invoice. The Council of Ministers also approves the introduction of psycho-aptitude tests for entry into the judiciary.

Wednesday's papal audience at the Vatican was  attended by two fathers, an Israeli and a Palestinian, who both lost a young daughter: one killed in a suicide bombing, the other by an Israeli bullet.

Three more people suspected of being part of the network that aided Messina Denaro were arrested-  an architect and a  hospital radiology technician, accused of mafia association, and a third person accused of external involvement in mafia association.

Students at Italian universities were  protagonists of many protests triggered by relations between Italian universities and Israel.

For the 10th anniversary of the Torlonia Foundation, the antiquarium at Villa Albani in Rome opens to the public, housing a selection of works from the world's most important private collection of ancient art after years of restoration. A major exhibit  on the 19th century in Naples opens at the Quirinale Palace.

Inter defender Francesco Acerbi was cleared of aiming a racial slur against Napoli defender Juan Jesus with Serie A's sporting judge ruling there was insufficient evidence to convict him of the offence.